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Current Projects - Public Hearings
County Road G & WIS 47 Improvements Public Information Meeting February 4, 2014

Wolf River Drive Roadway Network Redevelopment Project Public Information Meeting February 13, 2014

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Presentation on Proposal to replace the Wisconsin Power & Light Substation at Neopit
Bear Trap Falls & West Branch Road Projects (Before & After)

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Road Construction Projects Listing - Current & Proposed

IRR Road Constr Projects Title
IRR Road Constr Projects Desc
2012 Projects
Proposed 2013
Bear Trap Falls/West Branch Road (Phase I)Construction began in September 2012; project consisted of pulverizing existing asphalt, replacing culverts, reshaping, replacing guardrails, shouldering, signage, striping and resurfacing the road from State Highway 55 to Keshena Falls Road.
Parking Lot InitiativeProject consisted of constructing parking lots at the following locations: Zoar Ceremonial Building, South Branch Community Center, Keshena Ball Field and Menominee Business Center. Construction began in October 2012 and consisted of constructing asphalt parking lots with striping and some additional concrete work being performed. The Keshena Daycare parking lot project consisted of addressing drainage problems in the parking lot by redesigning the parking/drive-up areas. Project consisted of pulverizing existing asphalt, reshaping subsurface, addressing drainage issues and resurfacing.
Upper Bass Lake Road (Phase III)Construction began in October 2012 and consisted of graveling a portion of Upper Bass Lake Road from Luke's Road to the intersection of Spear’s Road and Upper Bass Lake Road. Project consisted of clearing and grubbing, replacing culverts, addressing drainage, graveling and signage.
Fairground's Road DrivewayProject consisted of replacing a previously blocked driveway from a past construction project to Fairgrounds Road. The project received applicable approvals and consisted of removing existing concrete sections of sidewalk, adding fill, gravel, addressing erosion, compacting driveway and adding driveway approach.
Street Lighting ConstructionConstruct new street lighting on Warrington Road from Save A Lot to Warrington Addition. The plans are currently being designed by Cottrell Design Inc. Project will consist of adding LED lighting and poles to assist with safe pedestrian travel through this area. Project expected to begin in spring ’13 and has an estimated duration of 20-30 days.
Neopit Community RoadsThis project is an ongoing project in collaboration with Menominee Town/County. The project will consist of reshaping and repaving the various Town/County Roads in the Neopit/Zoar areas beginning with White City, Dog Town and moving to Shanty Town and Zoar. The roads were surveyed this fall with anticipated construction to begin in Spring/Summer 2013 and continue over to 2014 & 2015 depending on funding.
West Branch Road Phase IIThis project is to consist of graveling and reshaping roadway from West Branch Cemetery to the intersection of Camp 24 Road and Camp 16 Road. Construction is set to begin in spring 2013.
Parking Lot InitiativeProposed parking lot projects to consist of reconstructing the Neopit Tribal School and Keshena Senior Center Parking lots. The projects are currently in process with the BIA with designs to begin being worked on in the next couple months. The projects are to consist of pulverizing existing surface, reshaping sub-surface, adding asphalt and striping. Project expected to begin in summer 2013.
Sidewalk InitiativeProposed sidewalk project to consist of adding sidewalk to Our Children’s Road to assist with safe pedestrian traffic, most notably by Headstart and Daycare children taking walking adventures. Project is in process with the BIA with designs to begin being worked on in the next couple months. Project to consist of constructing sidewalk from Go Around Road to State Highway 47/55 to connect to other portions of sidewalk for pedestrian travel and begin in Summer 2013.