Wolf River Development Company

The purpose of the Wolf River Development Company (WRDC) is to investigate, review, consider, pursue and conduct any nongaming commercial activity of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin deemed advisable by the Board of Directors in order to generate profit, whether on or off the Menominee Reservation. The commercial activity may include for profit rental properties, retail business, manufacturing, consulting or any other lawful profit producing activity. In addition, the WRDC shall promote, support and foster the establishment of tribally owned business, and privately owned businesses on the Menominee Indian Reservation using outreach, land acquisition, financing, business planning support and other means as decided by WRDC.

Businesses Under WRDC:
Menominee Fuel Station
Save a Lot - Save-A-Lot Website
Standing Pines Convenience Store, LLC
Five Clans Lending, LLC
Four Directions Lending, LLC
Primal Wood Products


Jennifer Peters, General Manager
Kaycee Frechette, Office Manager

Tel: 715-802-4449