MITW Podcasts

What are Podcasts?
Podcasts are another way to convey information to the public through audio recordings. Podcasts are similar to radio talk shows but are available on the internet to be played anytime that you are able to listen.

How do Podcasts Work?
Most podcasts are uploaded to a website and then transferred to streaming services like Itunes, and Stitcher. Listeners can subscribe to the podcasts on the web or through their cell phones. Once subscribed the listener will get notifications every time an episode is uploaded to the streaming service.
However, with our podcast, it is made available to you through our website; simply click the play button to listen to the latest podcast episode. The MITW Podcast is also available on Itunes, Stitcher, and Youtube.

About MITW Podcasts
The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin has recently developed the MITW Podcast as a way to be able to share more information with the public. Each episode will feature information from the Chairman and our tribal departments. The podcast hosts consists of: Chairman Doug Cox, Sheena Waupoose, and Gary Dodge.