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Meeting Day: 2nd Thursday

Meeting Time: 3:00pm

Location: Tribal Office Boardroom

Recorder: Kimberlee Oshkeshequoam
Law Enforcement and Resource Protection
The Law Enforcement & Resource Protection Committee shall be responsible for (a) receiving and examining reports of departments assigned to it; (b) studying and reviewing, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to law enforcement, conservation, natural resource protection, and the environment; and (c) reporting its findings and recommendations to the Legislature as it deems necessary. All matters of policy relating to law enforcement, conservation, natural resource protection, and the environment shall originate in the committee, and all matters of concern relating to the same shall be referred to this committee.

Pershing Frechette Chairman
Ronald Waukau Legislator
Sharon Graham Prosecutor's Office
Diana Taubel Probation Director
Jerrit O'Kimosh Jail Administrator
Jeremy Pyatskowit Environmental Services
Richard Nacotee Deputy Police Chief
Maniyan Pyawasay Conservation Director
John M. Latender Community member
Samantha Pecore Community Member
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Law Enforcement and Resource Protection Bylaws
06/11/2020 Regular Meeting
05/14/2020 Regular Meeting
03/12/2020 Regular Meeting

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