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Meeting Day: Last Tuesday

Meeting Time: 4:30pm

Location: Tribal Office Boardroom

Recorder: Cheyenne K. Wahsquonaikezhik
The goal of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin is to provide affordable housing for qualified Menominee’s, in a safe and healthy environment. The Housing Department has been tasked by the Legislative Body to provide better housing for low-income families, eliminate substandard housing, effect housing code enforcement, uplift and encourage self-improvement of the community’s low-income families. These bylaws outline the role of the Legislative Committee on Housing in meeting those goals.

Joan Delabreau Chairwoman
Marlin Waupoose Tribal Utilities Director
Pershing Frechette Legislator
Kim Komanekin Land Use
Wayne Wilber Housing Director
Sharon Madosh Community Member
Leah Pamonicutt Community Member
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Housing Bylaws
01/20/2017 Rescheduled Regular
12/20/2016 Regular Meeting
11/15/2016 Regular Meeting