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Meeting Day: 1st Tuesday

Meeting Time: 4:45pm

Location: Menominee Tribal School

Recorder: Helene Caldwell
Menominee Tribal School
Our mission is to work together to create a school that is a safe learning environment where students; can achieve academic success and cultural awareness.

The vision of the Menominee Tribal School is to develop individuals:
- Who are aware of their unique gifts as Native Americans
- Who have self-respect and pride in their family and community
- Who have begun the process of integrating culture and knowledge
- Who value a quality education
- Who are motivated to set high, attainable goals, and
- Who recognize their responsibility to our Native American Nations and beyond.

Rachel Fernandez Community member
Rebecca Brunette
Lynnette Miller
Jeanette Perez
Aurelia White
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Menominee Tribal School Bylaws
03/08/2016 Regular Meeting
03/01/2016 Special Meeting
02/09/2016 Regular Meeting