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Physical Address:
W2760 Chief Little Wave Rd (old Library building)
Keshena, WI 54135

Mailing Address:
P.O BOX 910
Keshena , WI 54135

Title: Director

Name: Joey Awonohopay

Tel: (715) 799-4849

Fax: (715) 799-7085

Email: jawonohopay@mitw.org
Language and Culture
Menominee language lessons

The Menominee Language & Culture Commission was established to provide and promote the revitalization of Menominee language, history, traditions and culture and learning opportunities for Menominee children and families to include the early childhood ages, adolescent, teens and throughout the adult years. The Menominee Language is a gift from the Creator to the Menominee people and should be treated with respect. Along with language, the Menominee have a distinct culture that identifies the people only as Menominee. There is no other body of people in the world who can be recognized as Menominee. The Menominee today are the descendants of the original people who are the ancestors of those who have existed in their homeland for thousands of years. Traditional and cultural values should be instilled in tribal members so that each Menominee person, beginning with the youngest and continue throughout the adult years. By doing this, the Menominee Nation will be stronger culturally and spiritually by appreciating and enjoying all that the Creator has provided for us.

With the task of preserving Menominee Language and culture, a nine-member committee was established. By creating the Commission, whose members are appointed by the Tribal Chairperson, the Menominee identity can be kept for our children today and for the generations to come. As a Menominee, you can be proud of your language, history, traditions and culture by knowing these as individuals, families and as a people we can exist as Menominee for years to come.

Keckiwak Elders Language Group Held every Wednesday from 1-3 p.m
Every Wednesday from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. We gather at the Menominee Language and Culture building.
Public is welcome and very much encouraged to come share, eat. learn and speak this beautiful language with us.
Potluck, MLCC provides the main dish and everyone is welcome.

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Intermediate Dictionary

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